Bluetooth Marketing




Restaurants, barbershops, gyms, boutiques and any retail trade, networkers, insurance brokers, distributors, field service employees, organizers, beauty salons, supermarkets – practically for any advertising needs.

They all have one thing in common – they want to attract new customers.

How about if it would be possible to automatically send a message to people around you on their phone?

This great innovation is now available!


Royaltie GEM – What is Bluetooth marketing?

With Bluetooth Marketing you have the possibility to transfer notifications to bluetooth-capable Android devices. 80% of all people own an Android phone.

Various companies use this type of marketing to attract customers to an offer or service.


An example:

A bakery in the pedestrian zone places an GEM (Bluetooth transmitter) in the shop window. Within a radius of approximately 100 meters, the bakery now sends unlimited Bluetooth notifications to all smartphones with Bluetooth. “Today a cup of coffee free” provided with a link, e.g. to the Facebook page of the bakery with directions.


Aim of the bakery:

Attract more customers to the bakery – customers get the cup of coffee for free and feel more committed to buying a piece of cake or a bread for home, etc.

Customers tell other customers: „Guys, if you go into the pedestrian zone, turn on your Bluetooth, at the bakery you get a cup of coffee for free and the cake tastes delicious …”


Further examples:

Send the invitation to your event directly to the people around you wherever you move. No more annoying flyer spread. They may be e.g. to present a free drink on presentation of the invitation and apply for it at your event. So it will be interesting to leave the Bluetooth enabled, to be able to use the benefits at the next event.

If you enter a supermarket in the USA, you could receive a notification directly, e.g. which products are currently on offer or perhaps a download to the prospectus or an offer for free W-LAN access, etc.


There are already some restaurants and bars in Germany, which put on Bluetooth marketing. They put a poster in the entrance area with the note “Turn on your Bluetooth for special offers”. You will now receive the notification. “LIKE our Facebook page” you get a cocktail or a dessert 50% off etc.

If you let your imagination run wild, there are thousands of applications to win customers.

Trade fairs – such as book fairs, ITB tourism fairs, financial fairs such as the Invest in Stuttgart or the DKM in Dortmund and for example. The IAA, IFA, and more.

The Century tool to bring customers to your Exhibition booth!

Especially for exhibitors, consultants or exhibition construction companies, this is an ingenious tool to attract customers to the stand. In particular for smaller companies, which may not have the largest booth at a trade fair, our Royaltie GEM could be used. e.g. Visit us – Free gift – Hall 2B Stand 114 -> Link to website …

Thousands of customers can read your message, give the customer something and bring it to your company or service. Make yourself attentive with Royaltie GEM.

This will also make your exhibition appearance a mega success.

The cost of obtaining a Royaltie GEM is limited. One-off charges for shipping and activation about 50 euros. One device costs 25 USD, three devices 49 USD and 8 devices 99 USD each additional 12 USD per month. From the 3rd month you can return the device and cancel the subscription again.

So a device for $ 25 a month is around $ 0.83 a day. You can send unlimited notifications. In the cinema, in the pedestrian zone, in the shopping center, in football Stadion, at concerts, at the main station, at the airport etc.. Compare times of other advertising measures and their benefits!



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